Friday, July 19, 2019

NaMoPaiMo at BreyerFest

Here's a look at the NaMoPaiMo table at this year's BreyerFest Artisan's Gallery.
photo by JoAnn Grum
The table was covered with a revolving cast of horses from all three years of NaMoPaiMo.
These included members of my own collection...
as well as horses loaned to me for the occasion. 
Each model was accompanied by a card with information about how it came to be.
It was so wonderful having people bring me their horses.
Look how tiny Amanda Bowe's 2018 model is. He makes Anne Field micro mini, Hugh Can Do It, look giant in comparison!
I'd planned to take a picture of each painter with his or her horses, but somehow that only happened three times. Here's Cameron Clow with Chevy,
Ellen Coleman with Steve O... 
and Suzanne Combs with Redd Honey Mead.
 Of course, NaMoPaiMo is too big to be contained on one little table. There were NaMoPaiMo horses...
and medallions all over the Artisan's Gallery.
These included Cindy Evans-Yates' Colin, who was a finalist in the Best Customs Contest.
There were also NaMoPaiMo horses at the Open Show on Friday. This is Alicia Vogel's Fassbender winning his breed class and a sectional championship... 
and Allison Pareis' Morgan the Unicorn placing second in a tough Unicorn class.
Congratulations, Cindy, Alicia and Allison and thank you to everyone who represented NaMoPaiMo at this year's BreyerFest. You're all winners!

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