Friday, May 4, 2018

Road trip day three

The third day of our road trip started in Dickinson, North Dakota.
Nicknamed "The Queen City of the Prairie," Dickinson is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. It's also the location of Carol's family homestead. We made contact with Carol's grandmother's ninety four year old sister-in-law, Anna, who graciously invited us over for a visit.
The drive was mostly empty fields and dirt roads... 
with the occasional abandoned building. 
Then we went over a little rise... 
and both said, "Awww" when we saw the homestead in the distance. 
Carol was so happy! 
We had a wonderful visit with Anna...
and her kittens. 
We also got to meet her grandson who stopped by unexpectedly. 
We explored the property...
and took lots of photos. 
Then it was back in the car and on to Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
We stopped in the visitor center to say hi to Teddy...
 and learn the last known location of our target animals.
It turns out, the buffalo were easy to find.
They were everywhere. 
No really... 
They were everywhere
The horses were much sneakier... 
but eventually we found them, too
Of course, we also found a whole lot of amazing scenery.
It was another great day.
 With that, the North Dakota leg of our road trip came to an end. We got back in the car and drove south to South Dakota.

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