Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ulrike's contest entry

I rode Goldie, came home, had lunch and then I checked my email.  Holy smokes!  So many new entries.  I ave not counted since last night, but I'm sure it's well over seventy five.  How I am supposed to judge this thing?  Everyone deserves to win!

This entry by German sculptor and tackmaker, Ulrike Appelt is one of the new arrivals, and it's definitely one of the best so far.  I can't say this very often, but the second and seventh photos fooled me.  I actually thought they were real horses until I uploaded them to my blog.   Amazing photograpy!  Thank you so much for entering, Ulrike!

1. Vintage
I love vintage tools!
2. Nekkid 
Do you trust a „naked“ horse without any saddlery?
3. Scale issues 
4. I see spots 
.... and I like to paint them.
5. Unbridled passion 
6. Rare breed 
A rare breed? Or just another model horse...
7. Portrait 
There was a portrait remaking/sculpting contest in Germany. On this occasion I sculpted, painted and photographed a model horse based on this real horse.
8. Conga 
Tack making is like a drug - you can‘t do it only once.
9A. The great outdoors 
In natural surroundings you can take thousands of photos that are unique. A world of fascination.
10. Best in show 
Trying to be the best in show.
Obviously, I have lots more photos to share.  Expect a couple more posts before the day is through!


  1. I think this entry is my favorite <3

  2. Holy crap...I have a way to go yet...!!!

  3. Fooled me too, took a couple of times before I saw that they were in fact models! :O Amezing photos!

  4. Do you know if she has a website or fb page? I couldn't find one but would love to see more of her work. Amazing!

  5. I am very pleased that you like my photos.

    Jen, there is no website at the moment, sorry.
    For the future, I will be focusing my energy on showing some more of my work on the web.

    Ulrike Appelt