Tuesday, February 3, 2015

JerryLynn's contest entry

Entries for the BCS Winter Photo Challenge have come from near and far.  Today's featured entry is one of the "near" ones.  These photos were taken by Colorado diorama builder, JerryLynn Rice.  Fittingly, most of them feature her awesome dioramas!  Thanks so much for entering, JerryLynn.

1. Vintage
Some say when you are old you are worthless! I say I am seasoned and know more than the young ones!
Sencillo resin sculpted and painted by Jennifer Scott
2. Nekkid 
I am Nekkid and Free to be the color you want me to be! 
3. Scale issues 
Now where did those Deer go????
4. I see spots 
I must have had to much to drink last night. I'm seeing spots.
Finishwork by Billie Campbell
5. Unbridled passion 
I will fight until I have no fight left!
6. Rare breed 
One day the Cattleman, Kill Buyers and the BLM will make us the Rarest breed of them all. If they have their way! 
7. Portrait 
A Portrait of a dying breed!
8. Conga 
My Indian tribe and their Wild Mustangs!
9. The great outdoors 
Easier to round them up if you have a nice back yard.
10. Best in show 
In my heart she will always be my herds best in show!
Matriarch resin painted by Jane Schneider
More Colorado entries can be found here: Westerly Design and Totally Custom Tack Shop.

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