Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Devon's contest entry

Devon Comstock is one of my favorite young tackmakers, and Ginger the Guinea pig is one of my all time favorite saddle pets.  Because of that, I am very happy to be able to share this entry in the BCS Winter Photo Challenge.  Thanks for entering, Devon!

1. Vintage
Medical problems are to be expected when you're as old as this guy.
2. Nekkid 
 Yvonne says, "NO NEKKID HORSES?! I can fix that!"
3. Scale issues
4. I see spots 
Double Appy butts
5. Unbridled passion 
Yvonne shows us that you do not need a bridle to show love.
6. Rare breed
This is a wild.... uh.... HSO!
7. Portrait 
8. Conga 
Unfortunately, I my congas aren't all that impressive, but the riders have saved the day!
9. The great outdoors 
Connie disagrees...
10. Best in show 
 Yay, Bullet!
And just in case you haven't seen enough contest entries today, check Amanda Brock's Rogue Horse Studio blog!


  1. Hahahaha. This one was really fun, but please, someone put something on Yvonne. A towel or something.

  2. Alright, I'm going to be honest. I don't actually own any "vintage" horses, so I just dug up some horses in my body box that looked... decent(?)

    And I *did* consider blacking out some of the doll nudity. But I guess they're just dolls, so you can't call it real nudity lol.

  3. Nekkid Yvonne really did run amok throughout this entry. At least Ginger was spared!

  4. This makes me want a guinea pig so badly!

  5. Yvonne is a seriously frightening chick and I for one wouldn't dare tell her to put some clothes on... :-) LOVE your entry, Devon!

  6. omg #1 and #3 are too funny!!! love it!