Saturday, February 7, 2015

Danielle's contest entry

The BCS Winter Photo Challenge has been full of surprises.  Just when I think I've seen it all, along comes an entry containing a picture of Carmelo Anthony!  This wonderfully quirky entry comes from Danielle Miller.  Thanks for entering, Danielle.  I really enjoyed your pictures!

1. Vintage
My vintage custom from 1989, Crystal Blue Persuasion. She was done by Karen Gerhardt and is still in excellent condition!
2. Nekkid 
Poor naked Piroskha has been modeling her costume for about 5 years. She is soon to be painted so she can be properly seen in it! 
3. Scale issues 
Two of my favorites from my China collection. The dog was actually a wedding gift from a great model horse hobby friend.
4. I see spots 
Lots of em, and in different colors too!
5. Unbridled passion 
Puppy kisses!
6. Rare breed 
It's a sweatshirt, no it's a dog, does that make it a rare swog????
7. Portrait 
The star of my collection, Kharmelo, named after the Syracuse University college basketball star, Carmelo Anthony.
The real Carmelo Anthony.
8. Conga 
Kharmel Khonga! From left to right: Kharmelo, his mom Kharmelized Sugar, her latest foal (in front) Kharmel Cheesecake, one of his offspring, Kharmel Sutra, another of his offspring, Kharma Zaafirah. Not pictured: his sister Salted Kharmel owned by Jackie Arns Rossi, and more offspring Kharmel Khreme currently being painted, and Kharmel Kholored, currently being customized. Whew!
9. The great outdoors 
Ah, remember last summer? Chips enjoying the view of Kingston Ontario from the bow of our boat. I entered this photo in a contest last year, it was showing your dog in a great adventure.
10. Best in show 
Birkenstock winning the Grandest of the Grand trophy for overall top horse at Greater Pittsburgh Live. The best time I ever had at a show as the Syracuse men's Basketball team also won the National championship that same weekend and Kharmelo got his namesake courtesy of Ann Harris!
Another late entry that I very much enjoyed can be found on the Shady Creek Farm blog.  Thanks for entering, Janna!

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  1. Kharmelo is one of my FAVORITE Khemos - he is simply stunning in person :)