Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sam's contest entry

Officially, entries for the BCS Winter Photo Challenge are closed.  I will post a full list of entrants today or tomorrow to make sure I got everyone.  Until then, I'll continue sharing contest entries.  The first group comes from Reflectingstars, who notes that she has herown instagram account (@reflectingstars) and tries to share new photos every day.  I do not have instagram, but perhaps I should.  Certainly I would enjoy looking at pictures of this quality every day!  Thank you so much for entering, Reflectingstars!

1. Vintage
Vintage Peter Stone Gemstone I
2. Nekkid 
Nekkid 2x
3. Scale issues 
New Grand Prix Jumper?
4. I see spots 
Dippin Dot's taking a jump in the woods
5. Unbridled passion 
A surprise gift of flowers
6. Rare breed 
 Cheval de I'armor (The Love Horse)
7. Portrait 
Idocus in the Snow
8. Conga 
Attempt of a horse conga line
9. The great outdoors 
Just another day at the Beach
10. Best in show 
Who will come out the 'best' in the this race?
And here's (probably) the last blog entry of the contest: Vintage Acres Farm.  Thanks, Lindsay!


  1. I love number 9 - such a clever way to use the tide!

  2. I am so glad that you enjoyed these pictures! I have a blast taking them. Instagram is a great place to view some great photography and interact with a large group of hobbyists!