Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lesya's contest entry

In case anyone is wondering, I haven't been posting the entries to the BCS Winter Photo Challenge in any particular order.  "Anon" was one of the first people to enter, and even though hers is a particularly cheerful set of photos, it's taken me all this time to get them up.  Sorry about the wait, "Anon".  I'm really glad you entered.

P.S. James wants to steal Big Kitty.

1. Vintage
Slightly less beat up version of my first Breyer, who is currently in storage.
2. Nekkid
Currently in process of getting his clothes painted off.
3. Scale issues 
Big kitty meets small kitty.
3B. Scale issues 
Big kitty eats small kitty.
4. I see spots
Kylie finally found her pony, Spots.
5. Unbridled passion
Kylie and Mak passionately gallop(and eventually fly) off.
6. Rare breed
You don't see blue horses often.
7. Portrait
Cozmic One
8. Conga
The Sherman Morgans and ASBs.
9. The great outdoors 
Jenna would rather be inside than brave the great outdoors - also known as the harsh Canadian winter.
10. Best in show 
Kylie's model wins champion.
Last call, people!  According to my records, there is only one set of photos left to share.  If I haven't posted your pictures and your name is not Steven, please let me know.


  1. Hi just to let you know that my pictures have not come up yet. My name is Julia and I sent them on a email with a link to my blog, https://cedarwoodstables.wordpress.

  2. Sorry the link is

  3. I am so sorry, Julia. I have no record of having seen your blog or contest entry before. I've added the link to the most recent post. I also spent some time checking out the rest of your blog. Great pictures! I really enjoyed it.


  4. Thank you! Something must have gone wrong with the email, my computer does that sometimes. I started my blog quite recently and loved doing your competition!