Saturday, February 14, 2015

Jennifer's contest entry

When I first conceived the idea for the BCS Winter Photo Challenge, I fully intended to produce my own set of photos.  Of course, I also thought I'd get maybe fifteen entries, twenty if I was really lucky.


Somewhere around entry number fifty, I decided my contribution probably wasn't necessary.  By the eightieth entry, I knew it wasn't.

So this is not my entry.  This one comes form another Jennifer, Jennifer Ellious.  Thank you so much for entering, Jennifer, and please thank Smore the guinea pig, too!

1. Vintage
2. Nekkid 
Ah!! I lost my hat!
3. Scale issues 
Can I bite him please?
4. I see spots 
5. Unbridled passion 
6. Rare breed  
Its the extremely rare Vampire horse.....Yeah I got nothing.
7. Portrait 
I see some similarities.... Maybe.
9. The great outdoors 
You want me to go out there?
10. Best in show 
Can I have food yet?
P.S. Sharp eyed readers may have noticed there wasn't a number eight/conga.  Jennifer and I experienced some technical difficulties and that one was a casualty.  We'll add it in at a later date.


  1. haha love the guinea pig - and that vampire horse!

  2. Hahahaha. She has some creativity here.

  3. Yay guinea pigs! I loved the scale issues one she did. That was adorable <3

  4. Actually the vintage photo is of a set I got less than a week ago.
    Jennifer Ellious