Saturday, February 7, 2015

Kim's contest entry

I am still trying to get all the contest entries posted, but it feels like a losing battle.  One goes up and two more arrive in my mailbox.  I never, ever expected this kind of response.  It's wonderful, but I also kind of terrible.  I am trying so hard to get everyone's pictures upload, but there simply aren't enough hours in the day.  If your photos haven't made it to the blog, please know that it's not because I didn't like them.  It's a time issue not a judgement.  

Today's first featured entry comes from Kim Bleecker of Total Image Equine.  Kim is the only entrant to send me one of my own photos, which made me laugh.  I love her take on Unbridled Passion and really enjoyed the last two vintage shots.  Thanks so much for entering, Kim!

1. Vintage
The 2 first PAMs from '56/57
2. Nekkid 
3. Scale issues 
4. I see spots 
5. Unbridled passion 
Mother and daughter
6. Rare breed 
The Finnhorse is the only horse breed native to Finland. These animals are known & prized for their sheer adaptability due to a unique combination of warmblood & coldblood genetics. 
7. Portrait 
It's based on a picture you posted, but I reversed it.
8. Conga 
OFs, blanks & CMs of Stone Stock Horses
9. The great outdoors 
This is from way back. A remake/repaint I did a few decades ago.
10. Best in show
This is from Congress in the early '80s. A repaint/remake(first name for customs) winning Grand Champ in Chicago.
On to the blog roll, which is packed with awesome: Orcanie Studio, Natus Equitare, Two Chestnuts and a Bay and HeatherTime.

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