Thursday, February 5, 2015

Diana's contest entry

Every one of the fifty seven entries I've received for the BCS Winter Photo Challenge has been wonderful, but only a few have been truly unique.  Diana Dubbeld's is part of that select group.  I love how she uses her stable mascots in all but one of the photos, and I'm also charmed by the not-quite-mainstream models featured in many of the pictures.  Also--there's naughtiness in Unbridled passion.  Children, shield your eyes!  Thanks so much for entering, Diana.  Your pictures made me smile.

1. Vintage
Vintage Gladys Brown Edwards Dodge trophy horses.
2. Nekkid
Nekkid Bing & Ghrondal stoneware ponies.
3. Scale issues
One of these things is not sized like the others...
4. I see spots 
I see lots of spots!
5. Unbridled passion 
How clinky ponies are made.
6. Rare breed 
A horse is a horse of course of course, unless it is a zorse!
7. Portrait 
A stablemate Citation custom to look like my OTTB Little Sheik barn name Zorrillo (Spanish for "Skunk") by my friend Suzanne Feld. Zorrillo does not know what to think of his mini me since he can't eat it. What good is it if he can't eat it!
8. Conga 
My conga of Lane/Marcia Maureen Love decorators. Collect all the ugly horses in all the ugly colors!
9. The great outdoors 
Even mud ponies like playing in the mud outside!
10. Best in show 
My Hagen Renaker Heather named Golden Opprotunity with my stable mascots Grumpy and Pokey. She is by far my best show horse!
Here's one more blog entry to share: Flying B Studio.  Gotta love those tack congas!


  1. So nice to see some of the old metal horses!

    Jennifer, I don't envy you at all in your decision making!