Sunday, February 15, 2015

Emma's contest entry

If I ever host another photo challenge, there will definitely be a lot more rules.  For example, I would require all submissions to be properly sized, rotated and labelled.  

Today's second featured entry comes from Emma.  This is a charming group of pictures, but they suffer from a serious lack of labels.  I'm quite sure Vintage, Nekkid, Scale issues, Conga, The great outdoors and Best in show are in the proper spots, but I had to guess at I see spots, Unbridled passion, Portrait and Rare breed.  Hope I got them right, Emma, and thanks for entering!

1. Vintage
2. Nekkid
3. Scale issues
4. I see spots 
5. Unbridled passion
6. Rare breed
7. Portrait
8. Conga
9. The great outdoors
10. Best in show 
The end is in sight!  Two more to go!

1 comment:

  1. Some of these edited ones are really cool. I think 4 is supposed to be 6 but I'm not sure. Good job, Emma.