Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mental health break

Although I've thoroughly enjoyed hosting the BCS Winter Photo Challenge, last week's aggressive posting schedule eventually took its toll on me.  As I lay in bed Sunday night, my mind was got caught in a loop: numberonevintage, numbertwonekkid, numberthreescaleissues, numberfouriseespots...  That's when I knew I needed a mental health break!

So I spent the next couple days hanging out with Bob...
7. Portrait
and Santana... 
9. The great outdoors
and prepping Jenn's horse. 
2. Nekkid
My plan was not to think about the contest at all, but of course, that proved to be impossible.  Yesterday, I pulled out my camera and tried to take at least one photo that matched the best of the contest entries.  I'm not sure I succeeded, but I am very pleased with this nonetheless!
4. I see spots
I'll get back to posting contest entries later today.  I probably won't get every single photo uploaded, but I promise to feature at least one or two pictures from every entrant.  Thanks again to everyone who entered!


  1. Haha, I would imagine. Good luck to everyone and to you for judging, that would be extremely hard to do! Hope you stop reciting BCS Winter Photo Challenge numbers for a while.

  2. glad you had some fun with the horses interspersed with all the contest entries!

    1. That reminds me, Emma, that I want to thank you for commenting on so many of the contest posts. It's kind of a bummer ( a little bit for me, but mostly for the entrants) not to get any feedback on the pictures. I really appreciate you taking the time to add a few words to so many of my posts.