Friday, February 6, 2015

Chelsea's contest entry

One year ago today, the temperatures hovered around the zero degree mark.  Today, it's seventy.  Seventy!  A day like this should be spent with real horses, not models so the next couple featured entries in the BCS Winter Photo Challenge will include lots of real horse photos.  This first group was sent by Chelsea Croizier.  Thanks so much for entering, Chelsea!

P.S. I absolutely love Doodle.

1. Vintage
A few of my oldest models in my collection, although very scratched up they are still very loved.
2. Nekkid 
LP aka Little Pig, the smallest of all guinea pigs, is embarrassed I got this shot while she was taking her bath. She is giving me the "Mom I'm nekkid!" look.
3. Scale issues 
 My PAM Flower is having some saddle fitting issues
3.5 Scale issues
Doodle, my trusty OTTB, can't figure out why he cannot get his head through this hole so he get at some more yummy treats. 
4. I see spots 
I seem to be able to always "see" the itchiest of spots and I think Doodle agrees.
Note the blurry lip from him wiggling it in delight and his "Thank you, Mom" nuzzle
5. Unbridled passion 
I had the amazing opportunity to attend this past Belmont Stakes race and this is the horses racing from the in-gate, you can just see California Chromes jockey in the mix. I have never felt such electrifying passion and excitement then at this race.
6. Rare breed 
I found this interesting horse-like head sculpture while on vacation many years ago and it was hand carved around a knot in a tree. Also Doodle, my very sweet and quirky OTTB is also a rare breed all his own, for only the rarest of breeds could get themselves into these situations trying to find more hay in their very empty haynet, needless to say after this picture was taken he was untangled and given more hay.
7. Portrait 
This picture on canvas was given to me by a dear friend for Christmas this year and wouldn't you know its a portrait of my sweet boy, Doodle.
8. Conga 
The Roxy mold is the only horse I conga and I have a pretty decent collection of them I think.
9. The great outdoors 
Although Doodle and I enjoy riding outside when the weather is nice this was a really amazing day when we went swimming last fall on a beach down at Seaside Heights, NJ.
10. Best in show 
I am slowly trying to get more involved in model showing but I think my true passion will always be showing Doodle. At this particular show we amassed many ribbons but the best of all was being named Overall High Point Pleasure Thoroughbred! This was a true high point for us as a partnership.
Here's one blog entry that I somehow forgot to include earlier: Horse Tender Studio.  


  1. You forget my entry :'(

    1. Oh, thank you SO MUCH for putting that on a blog. I still have so many entries here that I haven't had time to post. Even with multiple posts a day, I just can't keep up. :(