Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mia's contest entry

Today's last contest entry comes from Mia Dyb Wangsmo.  This is one of the quirkier photo sets, but I like the originality and I love the barn rabbit!  Thanks so much for entering, Mia!

1. Vintage
 Pool in Town from the 1950's
2. Nekkid 
Stripped walls before new stuff goes up 
3. Scale issues 
Who said rabbits are too small?
4. I see spots 
Lots of Basil baby
5. Unbridled passion 
No bridle to be seen!
6. Rare breed 
Norwegian Dole (Døl) and mostly only found in Norway
7. Portrait
My Dog and random Sheep
8. Conga
Lady Phases
9. The great outdoors  
10. Best in show
Black beauty of mine!
That's it for tonight.  Goodnight all!

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