Friday, February 20, 2015

It had to be done, part two

Ryan was trying to talk me into buying him something. He said, "If you buy it for me, I will clean the rat cage."

"No," I told him. "That's your job.  You don't get a bonus for that."

"What if I vacuum the living room and empty the dishwasher? For a week."

"Hmmm" I said, thinking it over. "That's almost worth it."

Sensing weakness, he pulled out all the stops. "If you buy it for me, I will vacuum the living room, empty the dishwasher and I will let you take a picture of me riding a horse in my mask."

Weeks passed. Ryan got his prize, but I did not get my picture.  Every time I asked him to go to the barn with me, he had an excuse. Some were legit. Some were not. I didn't force the issue and I didn't get mad. I just kept on asking.
Finally, he said, "You're never going to forget about this are you?"

"No," I told him. "It has to be done."
He sighed theatrically and said, "Fine.  Let's go to the barn."
Best deal I ever made.


  1. Hahahaha. Great pictures. And good for you for sticking to the deal he made. He got what he wanted so you needed ti get what you wanted.

  2. Curious minds would like to be informed of just WHAT he wanted.... :D

    1. I honestly can't remember. It might have been a computer game. Or something.

  3. LOL! Great pictures to embarrass him with later in life.

  4. Crazy mother, crazy kid!

  5. Lol the horse is like "WTH is riding me?!"