Sunday, February 8, 2015

Jill's contest entry

All of the entries in the BCS Winter Photo Challenge are a collection of pictures, but a few go beyond that to tell a cohesive story about the photographer's life with model horses.  This is one of those entries.  Thanks so much for sharing your old and new photos, Jill.  I really enjoyed looking at them!

1. Vintage
a shot of the original “first four” taken 2014.
 My father & uncle in 1974 – 1975 time frame with the first Breyers in the family on the fridge in the background.
2. Nekkid 
Hess Wildlife animals
3. Scale issues 
Cinderella set up – little horses, little people, big porch rails!
4. I see spots 
My favorite spotted guy.
5. Unbridled passion 
My unbridled passions are showing performance and making tack.
6. Rare breed 
Swamp horse 
OOAK Green buckshot which is sadly ashrinky-oozie
7. Portrait 
UVM Trophy – he was my mother’s favorite horse to ride. They were true partners.
8. Conga 
Growing up with Morgan horses (and in Randolph, VT) it’s not surprising that my one and only Conga line is a Morgan mold.
9. The great outdoors 
Brownie and me, late ‘70’s.
10. Best in show 
My favorite performance horse “Pennant” with his 2013 NAN English side saddle winnings - 6 classes – 6 rosettes – 2 Champ and 2 reserves.
I'm running out of energy, but I think I can upload one more set tonight... We'll see!

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