Saturday, February 7, 2015

Stormy's contest entry

Here's another great group of photos that has been languishing in my files for at least a week.  These were taken by Stormy Strike, and I am particularly fond of Portrait and Conga.  Thanks for entering my contest, Stormy!

1. Vintage
Oldies but Goodies
2. Nekkid 
I think this custom has been waiting for his "new clothes" for too many months
3. Scale issues 
Little Loki likes to rule over all the big horses
4. I see spots 
Here's a WIP Appy Etchy
5. Unbridled passion 
These two are so in love, they even make a giant heart!
6. Rare breed 
A Cheetah x QH horse cross is very rare!
7. Portrait 
Look! it's a painted portrait of us!
8. Conga 
Breyer Ethereal Conga
9. The great outdoors 
On a Chilly and Foggy Morning
10. Best in show 
So many winnings for one little horse!
That's all for now.  It's seventy degrees out, and I'm going riding.  More later!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! All of these pictures are fantastic!

    I have been so spoiled! Every time I check your blog (which tends to be multiple times a day) I have seen a new post. I'm going to miss the past week! But I am sure you will be quite relieved. :)