Friday, February 13, 2015

Dora's contest entry

Technically speaking, Dora Duftschmied's entry for the BCS Winter Photo Challenge arrived after the contest deadline.  However, pictures this good deserved to be shared.  Thanks for entering Dora!

1. Vintage
2. Nekkid 
3. Scale issues 
4. I see spots 
"DustOff" Arvakr resin painted by Frances Stevens
5. Unbridled passion 
Heza Classy Chic resin painted by Kristen Cermele
6. Rare breed 
In my mind a Rembrandt resin haired by Faye Cohen is a rare breed
7. Portrait 
Portrait of an old lady
8. Conga 
My Conga of thick butts
9. The great outdoors 
10. Best in show 
For me, the best "man" in every show!
Worth mentioning--Dora lives in Austria.  I am now quite convinced that most of the model horse hobby's top photographers live in Europe!


  1. The Portrait I had to look closely to see it WAS a model and not a real horse. Love the pooper scooper! "Clean up to the Cocker ring..."Know it well. :)

  2. When these arrived, I thought, "No. Sorry. Too late!" Then I opened them and changed my mind. Definitely one of the better entries!

  3. I love them all. But most especially the nekkid one.

  4. Dora lives in Austria. I quickly becoming convinced that most of the hobby's best photographers live in Europe.

  5. these are awesome! Vintage, portrait and rare breed are my favorites