Saturday, February 7, 2015

Marci's contest entry

As soon as I saw Marci Driscoll's name in my inbox, I knew that the BCS Winter Photo Challenge was about to get covered in long-ears.  Happily, I was not disappointed.  Donkeys and mules appear in half of Marci's photos.  Thanks so much for entering, Marci.  I love your long-ears!

1. Vintage
My mom and I enjoy antiquing, and found this Glossy Charcoal Fighter tied up to a wooden sign at the Brimfield Antique show in 2005.  He turned out to have a blue ribbon sticker!  He is pictured with some other treasures I've found with my mom.
2. Nekkid 
Do you mind, we're trying to take a bath!
3. Scale issues 
Four Carol Herden mules don't even tip the scale!
4. I see spots 
Hazel resin, scultped by Morgen Kilbourn and painted by Erika Ipes
5. Unbridled passion 
Photo set up suggested by my husband.
6. Rare breed 
A dog as patient as our Brewster is truly a rare breed!
7. Portrait 
A watercolor I did for my husband's birthday, before we became a family of four!
8. Conga 
My conga of standing donkeys, 20 and counting!
9. The great outdoors 
My husband and I after riding mules into the Grand Canyon in 2006.  This was a dream come true!
10. Best in show 
My mule, Brownie Delight, was named performance champion of Breyerfest 2000.  A vintage picture of myself!
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