Saturday, February 14, 2015

Mary's contest entry

At long last, the end is in sight!  I only have a few more entries for the BCS Winter Photo Challenge to share.  This one comes from Mary Lineman.  I especially like the outdoors pictures and also portrait.  Thanks so much for entering, Mary!

1. Vintage
My oldest model, Noble Star, a gift from a friend at college.
2. Nekkid 
I don't have any unpainted models, or dolls, so Cossack is the closest I have to a naked horse.
3. Scale issues 
This is a real elk in front of a real trailer in Benezette, PA.
4. I see spots 
My family of Appaloosas. Midnight Moon, Midnight Star, Kokopelli Moon, Koko, and Drifting Kokopelli.
5. Unbridled passion 
Malagant and Heimchen
6. Rare breed 
My Cleveland Bay-Chaucer.
7. Portrait 
Brown's Iron Duke, portrait of my real Morgan.
8. Conga 
My conga of one of my favorite molds Breyer Trakehner, including two vintage customs from the late 1980's early 90's.
9. The great outdoors 
Mountains in Pennsylvania.
10. Best in show 
My NAN Champion Lestat.
More soon!


  1. Can someone tell me what make/model the "Brown's Iron Duke" is? It's gorgeous!!!