Thursday, February 5, 2015

Jean's contest entry

Jean Sorensen was my first hobby friend.  By that I mean that she was the first person I ever met who was really, truly involved in the model horse hobby in a way that went beyond buying Breyers and subscribing to Just About Horses magazine.  I can't say Jean single-handedly turned me into the hobbyist I am today, but she certainly had a part in the process.  Because of that, I am absolutely delighted to present her entry for the BCS Winter Photo Challenge.  Thank you so much for entering, Jean! 

1. Vintage
2. Nekkid 
3. Scale issues 
4. I see spots 
5. Unbridled passion 
6. Rare breed 
7. Portrait 
portrait of Misty
8. Conga
9. The great outdoors 
10. Best in show 
I am officially done posting for the night, but expect a new crop of photos bright and early tomorrow morning!

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