Sunday, February 1, 2015

Elizabeth's contest entry

Every entry in the BCS Winter Photo Challenge has its own distinct personality.  This one, from Elizabeth at Sunshine Gory Studio, is very small as every model pictured is a micro-mini.  Thanks so much for entering, Elizabeth!

1. Vintage
I'm not sure if this guy is considered Vintage, but it is the oldest I have. He is a Creata mini from before Breyer bought the molds.
2. Nekkid
One of my resin minis awaiting clothes.
3. Scale issues 
I think this little guy needs a properly fitting saddle and a properly adjusted bridle...
4. I see spots 
Yep someone likes spots! Spotted saddle blanket.. Spotted boots... Spotted background... Spotted Horse... It is amazing the saddle is not spotted.
5. Unbridled passion 
You know a horse is passionate about jumping when they leap the huge fence without prompt from rider and they could easily walk under it.
6. Rare breed 
A painted Zorse foal -- painted on a micro mini!
7. Portrait 
This is a little out there. This horse is painting a portrait of his owner. Can you see the smiley face?
8. Conga 
I thought the mirror made this really cool, then I realized that it got reflected onto the wall!!! Micro mini conga galore!
9. Great outdoors 
Somebody left the gate open!
10. Best in show 
Well, it is not quite Best of Show but good enough for me!
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  1. Thank you for hosting this! It is so much fun! I love seeing all the pictures. :)

  2. Looking at all the entries has been almost as fun as making my own entry was!

  3. Okay, I published the post for the challenge late last night. Sorry I took so long on posting it...but I was kind of screaming at the TV last night and then had an emotional breakdown when the Seahawks didn't win in the Superbowl. But, it is published now!

  4. I know it isn't really horsey related, but would you mind doing a post on saddle rat training? It would be much appreciated as I might be getting rats soon and I would love for them to be a part of Basil's barn!😊