Friday, February 6, 2015

Emily's contest entry

Today's third featured entry for the BCS Winter Photo Challenge comes from Australian tackmaker, Emily Harwood of Galxey Sparrow Studio.  This is yet another excellent grouping, but I am especially fond of the first picture, since it features one of my former models.  Thank you for giving him a good home, Emily, and thanks, also, for entering my contest!

1. Vintage
My little vintage collection with the star of the show a the horse you gifted me in your give away a few years ago! he is happily holding his own amongst even my newest additions and will always have a loving home here!
2. Nekkid 
A selection of my naked resins still waiting for some clothes.
3. Scale issues 
Link from Zelda on a huge horse (much bigger then his usual mount Epona!) jumping a giant deer .. Strange hobbies you have there Link!
4. I see spots
More Deb Brown here with my little Paddington resin by Deb Brown, fcm Stone perf horse and a lovely dalmatian family, lots of spots here!
5. Unbridled passion 
My two mustangs in metallic accented saddles dueling it out in a dance off obviously. My passion for different and brightly coloured tack is unbridled and so are my horses!
6. Rare breed 
Mr Nuggets makes an appearance with Red 13 / Nanaki from Final Fantasy VII Video games. He is a rare breed indeed.
7. Portrait 
Deb Brown yet again! hTis time a portait of my most precious horse Roku a cm palouse given to me by my amazing boyfriend for our 6 month anniversary (over 3 years ago now!) as a complete surprise after stalking my MHSP activity and buying her for me!
8. Conga 
M 11 strong (soon to be 13!) pebbles Arab conga they have had to move shelf location twice already!
9. The great outdoors 
Aranzeb my newest addition arriving just this morning directly from Deb Brown. I have to say i love this mould after seeing my boy in person!
10. Best in show 
Esgaroth affectionately known as Mr Nuggets who was lovingly crafted by Gail Hildebrand from a Wintersong.
With just over a twenty four hours to go, there are now sixty three contest entries.  I'm trying my best to get the all posted, but no promises.  This is craziness!


  1. um i might need one of those metalic-accented saddles in my size haha

    1. Those saddles are wonderful. Emily's tack is top notch.

  2. I love scale issues and Portrait!