Monday, February 23, 2015

Braymere by Breyer, part two

Last week, the UPS man delivered a giant box from Breyer.
Inside I found both the tack sets I'd designed for them, as well as the matching models and doll.
 I felt like a kid on Christmas as I unboxed everything and dressed my polo pony.
The saddle is made of soft leather and doesn't appear to have a tree.  It's not equal to one of my saddles, but I wouldn't expect that at this price point.  It fits well and has a nice shape. 
Great panels, too!
The bridle features a split crown and the most in-scale buckles I've seen on Breyer tack.
I didn't have a part in the doll's creation, so I'm surprised and pleased to have received him. My friend, Anne Field, designed the his knee guards... 
 and I picked the blue and yellow color scheme.
Here's the entire set minus the polo wraps.  I forgot to put them on before I took the picture, but they're made from thin, ultrasuede type fabric.  I actually prefer them to the prototype wraps I sent Breyer. 
On to the packing set! 
As much as I like the polo items, I'm even more pleased with my new mule and his tack. 
Here's the pack harness minus the panniers. It's made with the same soft leather and in scale buckles as the polo tack.   
I love the panniers. These are so well done.  They are every bit as nice as the prototypes! 
In my opinion, this set is live show-able as is. With a few small tweaks, it could be easily made top notch.
Good job, Breyer, and thank you so much for all the goodies!


  1. It looks to me like someone with even a small amount of skill and very basic materials could just clean up the edges of the leather and have a pretty decent set of tack in both cases. Hmmm....

  2. Jennifer in your opinion what would need to change to make the set better?

    1. I have quite a few ideas about that, ranging from basic tweaks to full teardown/rebuilds. I'd love to get my hands on a few extra sets, so I could document the process on this blog.

      Since I'd also like to own a few more pairs of the panniers (they are SO awesome), I'm offering the following deal to anyone who is interested: If you send me two of the Braymere inspired Breyer tack sets, I will keep one (has to be the pack set!) and rebuild the other for you, free of charge.

      Anyone who is interested in this should email me privately at


  3. I'm impressed with how Breyer replicated your tack. I haven't seen either the polo tack or the panniers locally yet but plan to get both when I do.

  4. I reckon to make the pack set novice LSQ you would probably have to just put some gum trag on the straps to seal the fluffies. I am very impressed with the quality of the tack!

  5. My pack set should be here soon. I bought it because you designed it, Jennifer. I received the mule first and in his first live show he earned a NAN card. Going to have to think of a way to give him a job in Performance that will distinguish him. Hmmmm... Fun to see artists and craftspeople from the hobby tapped by Breyer!

  6. this is really cool - esp that they stayed so true to your prototypes! you must be thrilled to see your designs put into actual production!

  7. Jennifer it looks like Breyer did a pretty good job replicating your tack! I don't think they did as well with the knee pads I designed, lol. It looks like things were changed and they used icky leather. I was pretty sure that would happen.
    Now I want to play with the stuff you designed! I might need to buy some Breyer tack...and ponies...and a mule...

  8. Both sets look fantastic, Jennifer. Rather impressive for Breyer tack, actually.
    I didn't order the polo pony/rider/tack for the store I work at, but I did order the mule, and one sold right away. Might just have to order a couple more and some pack sets to go with them...

  9. Hi, I have a question if thats alright. Is the overgirth removable on the polo set without making the saddle look weird? I'm thinking of getting it, but only if it would work for more than just polo

  10. Sorry - it cut me off for some reason :S i just wanted to say thank you, and I love your tack :) I wasn't sure whether to get the RCMP horse or not, then I saw him with your tack on and the decision was made. :)

  11. Which set would you reccamend getting the most out of the two?

    1. The pack set! It's much closer to my original design.

    2. Thanks!

      *Goes and ends up ordering the pack set + a bunch of stuff I shouldn't have got.*