Friday, February 5, 2021

NaMopaiMo day five

It's the fifth day of NaMoPaiMo, and a lot of these horses are really beginning to come together.
photo by Leah Peretz
I can't believe how much some people have managed to accomplish in such a short time.
photo by Christine Sutcliffe
It's magic.
photo by Georgia Wean
Of course, not everyone has been so lucky. 
photo by Max Culli

A lot of us, myself included, are deep into the ugly stage.

photo by Anna Catherman
This is part of the painting process. We're not surprised when it happens, and we think know that it will get better.
photo by Andrea Brygidyr
 Still, it's not a fun place to be.
photo by Sophie Schafer
Even more discouraging, several people have joined #TeamStartingOver. 
photo by Carly Kudalis
Darleen Stoddard writes: I am in the starting over crowd. The yellow oils were not drying, so I stripped and will do more of his process with acrylics/pastels than originally planned. Otherwise he would not have been finished this month. 
Evan Le's story is this year's first NaMoPaiMo tragedy. His horse was this close to being done.
Moments later...
In case you're thinking things like that only happen to beginners and amateurs, Stephanie Blaylock's horse also took a tumble. He didn't lose his ears or forelock, but he did get a get a pretty good ding in his mane.
We all know that Stephanie doesn't believe in starting over. She keeps a jar of modeling paste on hand for exactly this kind of issue. A little dab, a finger smudge, a buff after it dries and she's back in business.
It's like it never happened!
In fact, the only reason we know it did is because Stephanie took her misfortune and turned into a teaching moment. This is classic Stephanie. Every year, she fills the NaMoPaiMo Facebook page with tutorials. Just this week, she's showed us how she paints eyes and facial markings.
I can't thank Stephanie enough for her support of my event, but I can make her NaMoPaiMo Champion of the Day.
Congratulations, Stephanie. NaMoPaiMo wouldn't be the same without you!

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  1. This is as good as being there. I know about drops. Sickening. I dropped my first medallion. Even big horses have scars.