Tuesday, February 16, 2021

NaMoPaiMo day sixteen

For almost eight years, I have posted a link to the Braymere Custom Saddlery Facebook page every time I publish a new post. During NaMoPaiMo season, I cross post most of the links to that page as well. Additionally, I often respond to Facebook questions with links to relevant posts. It's a good system for spreading information and has served me well.

Until today.
Today, Facebook decided my blog is spam. Not only is it impossible to post a link on Facebook, every single one of those past links have been removed. Eight years of posts and comments have disappeared completely.

Rest assured, I've researched the issue and taken all the steps I can to fix it. I do think it will be fixed, eventually, but I have no idea if the poofed content will be restored.

It's so frustrating.

In happier news, officially there are one hundred one horses in the NaMoPaiMo Winners' Circle.
Today's NaMoPaiMo Champion of the Day is Erika Baird, who wrote today's first Tutorial Tuesday post. 
Erika is a four time NaMoPaiMo winner, and I have no doubt she will finish her horse this year as well.
Beyond that, she is consistently helpful, always cheerful and never has to be reminded to read the rules. Basically, she is an ideal member of our community. Thank you for being awesome, Erika!


  1. That Facebook poofed all that stuff is just horrifying. I hate that we end up relying on them so much. I hope it comes back. If it doesn't we may have to have a collective hobby Moment where we find someplace else we can congregate. And hugs, because I can imagine how crappy it felt to find this today.

  2. This is beyond awful, a disastrous betrayal. One of the worst inheritances from 2020 is it has made outrageousness normal, temporarily I hope! FB hasn't banned my blog links (knocks on wood). What were they thinking?!?

  3. I was wondering where they all went and was very confused. Happy to be reading them all now :)