Saturday, February 13, 2021

NaMoPaiMo day thirteen

As recently as a year ago, NaMoPaiMo parties were something I actively encouraged. This year, of course, everything has changed. The only safe NaMoPaiMo parties are those limited to the entrants in the Minis Painting Minis section.

photo by Mel Boynes
The rest of us have to make do with virtual parties.
the Greater Toronto area NaMoPaiMo party, photo by Andrea Brygidyr
Some of these have looked pretty fun.
#TeamGermany Zoom party, photo by Kim Brandner
This two person party looked really, really fun.
Erica Ferguson and Andrea Brygidyr proving once again that they're basically the same person
It also appears that some people get a lot of work done this way.
Tamzyn Revolta checking in with Anna Dobrowolska-Oczko
Your pony is looking great, Kim!
photo by Kim Brandner
Today I attended my friend Fabian's Zoom NaMoPaiMo party. Other attendees included Beth McCarley, Anne Field, Heather Malone and Evan Le.
All my projects are currently drying, so I was there purely in a social capacity. Other people actually painted.
photo by Anne Field
He's looking so good, Anne!
photo by Anne Field
There wasn't any cake...
and I really missed seeing my friends in person.
Still, that was a whole lot better than nothing.
last year's NaMoPaiMo selfie
Thank you for hosting yet another (your fifth? sixth?) NaMoPaiMo party, Fabian. Congratulations, you are the NaMoPaiMo Champion of the Day.

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