Saturday, February 13, 2021


I really enjoyed last year's virtual BreyerFest, so I bought my ticket for the 2021 event as soon as they went on sale.

I chose the All-Access ticket partially for the workshops, but mostly for the photo show and contests. I've been threatening to enter the Performance division of the Best Customs Contest for years, but I have to admit that was always going to be a longshot. However, I had definite plans to enter both the photo show and Diorama Contest.
Well, not anymore. As it turns out, that All-Access ticket isn't actually all-access for everyone. Residents of six states - including Colorado - are specifically prohibited from entering the contests.
The issue appears to a state law prohibiting contests from requiring a purchase - in this case that so called All-Access ticket - for entry.
I haven't researched if this is the same for all the other states, but I suspect it is.
I understand that Breyer did exclude me and my fellow Coloradans, Arizonans, Nebraskans, North Datkotans, Marylanders and Vermonters arbitrarily, but I strongly feel this was not the best way to handle this issue. Breyer could have solved this problem by opening the contests to non-ticket holders. This might resulted in lost ticket sales, but I suspect most entrants - myself included - would have bought a ticket anyway. Barring that, it should have been clear from the moment that tickets went on sale that some of the All-Access perks weren't actually available to everyone. 
I have been a proud Breyer supporter for almost fifty years. I still intend to participate in this year's BreyerFest, but right now, I can't help but feel extremely let down and disappointed.


  1. I'm right there with you! They 100% should have disclosed this information before tickets went on sale.

    And they really need to come out ASAP with whether or not this also effects the photo show.

  2. As someone who is still able (and planning) to enter the customs contest, I am disappointed that the full scope of potential competition is limited. A win will not be as meaningful if the competition is restricted. Can we make a petition to remove the ticket requirement so it can be opened up to everyone?

  3. that is a real shame I was thinking about getting a ticket but knowing breyer was pretty sure they wouldn't open the contest out side the US

  4. Saddened in Nebraska...Right here with you- i was thinking about doing a diorama this year too- They offered swag bags to international people last year who couldn't participate in the complete Breyerfest experience. Hopefully they will either change the ticket purchase requirement or offer us some swag or something to compensate.