Monday, February 15, 2021

NaMoPaiMo day fifteen

My best friend, Carol and I talk several days a week. This morning the main topic was NaMoPaiMo.
Carol is quarantining with a family with three young children. She and one of the girls had a really fun time painting their horses today.
She told me: Sadie says we should paint horses anytime, not just in February, and then maybe we could walk to the park to visit real ones. 
Sadie is not the only youngster painting this year. In fact, there are eighty five children under the age of thirteen registered for NaMoPaiMo 2021. These include my friend and fellow blogger, Lynn Isenbarger's grandchildren Mila...
and Lukie
as well as Bethany Shaw's son and all her day care kids.
This was the second (third?) year that Bunny Trails Child Care has hosted a NaMoPaiMo painting party. Bethany writes: We have about two feet of snow outside, so it was a perfect day to start this project. A few kids aren't here, which makes it easier to manage assisting. 
Mason participated last year, but needed a lot of help holding the horse. and I had to show him where it still needed paint. This year, he didn't need me at all!  
Thatcher didn't need any help this year either!  He seemed really pleased with the shading he did.  He said he worked hard on the shine.  Desmond said he is very happy with how his horse turned out. He had a vision, and he was able to execute it. 
Although we don't require entrants to post their ages, I have no doubt that Melissa Boring's daughter is this year's youngest participant. Illyria turned one yesterday and painting a unicorn was one of the birthday festivities
Melissa writes: I gave her a selection of colors and let her pick a few (was going to be three but she wanted four.) 
She chose blue-purple-yellow-pink and even helped shake the bottles! I put them on a palette, and she dipped her fingers into the paint. Then we encouraged her to grab or touch the horse. She was a little intimidated at first but soldiered through and ended up having fun! 
We look forward to doing this with her in coming years.
While most young painters use hand painted (or finger painted) acrylics, Karina Machentanz's three year old son, Jesper, painted the body color of his Schleich with an airbrush! The spots were added with a brush, and Karina reports that Jesper's model has a place of honor in their showcase.
That is an amazing feat for a three year old, but not altogether surprising. Jesper comes from a talented family and has even attended a virtual NaMoPaiMo painting parties hosted by his aunt, Kim Brandner.
Kim's daughters, Kassandra and Yara, are also accomplished artists. Like their mother, they use pastels and have completed several NaMoPaiMos.
I really love seeing families paint together. These photos make me so happy!
Thank you, Kim, for being the leader of #TeamGermany and sharing this wonderful hobby with your daughters. You are the NaMoPaiMo Champion of the Day.
And since today's award is all about family, Kim gets to share the title with her twin, Karina.
I hope all the young NaMoPaiMo participants enjoy painting their horses this year. And after their done, I hope at least one of them gets to walk to the park to visit real ones.


  1. This right here is what NaMoPaiMo all about.❤️

  2. I love that you welcome and encourage family participation. Mila and Lukie will be returning next year!

  3. To me, this is the happiest part of NaMoPaiMo. Love seeing the kids having fun painting!