Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Painting a bay with Stephanie Blaylock, part two

Here's part two of Stephanie Blaylock's wonderful tutorial on painting a bay with pastels and acrylics. Thank you again, Stephanie!

Painting a Bay

by Stephanie Blaylock

Once the pastel layers are done, it's time to start the acrylics! I mix these four colors together.

I like foil as my palette. I roll it up when I walk away, and it keeps the cats out.
I blend very thin layers. Very thin.
Next, I add some red tones.
More thin layers.
Then I start blocking out my whites.
Thin, thin, thin layers!
The other side.
I’ll stop here for now and spray with Testors Dullcote.
Once that's cured, I add more white layers and touch up the problem areas with acrylics. I keep using the same colors in thin blending layers.
Here's my foil palette after a long painting session.
And my helper.
I'm not quite satisfied with the colors, so I add a few pastels back in. Red tones and yellow tones. Yes, I like this better.
Now he's ready for detailing!

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