Friday, January 29, 2021

The art of never starting over

NaMoPaiMo begins on Monday, and model horse hobbyists across the globe are preparing to paint their horses. A few people will have an easy, trouble free month, but most of us are going to encounter problems. Some of us are going to encounter a lot of problems. This is frustrating, but also really normal. In fact, the ability to troubleshoot and correct problems as they arise is perhaps one of the most important traits an artist can possess. In today's guest post, Stephanie Blaylock shares a few of the things that can go wrong and she fixed them. Thank you, Stephanie!

The Art of Never Starting Over

by Stephanie Blaylock

Painting is a messy business. It’s not a perfect art. There’s no set way to do anything and even seasoned painters struggle. Case in point... I’m going to paint these easy medallions. Two weeks later...

The reason for this post is things will go wrong. Maybe multiple things. Most of it can be fixed and most of it will never be noticed by anyone but you. I used to get really upset by things like this, but now I know better. It’s just paint. Sometimes the greatest techniques are found through trial and error.

Base coats... That was easy. Ha. This is where I should have stopped.

Several layers of detail and sealer. I’m going all Treehouse Matte because I have run out of my gloss, and the store was out too.
Layering on acrylic paint. The paint is wet at this point.
I seal again and there IT is. 
The sealer crackle. Do you see it? I never start over. So I paint over it and seal with a different type gloss (Anita’s craft gloss) because it’s all I can find and hope for the best. Normally I would use Krylon gloss.
Look how smooth we are... wait for it
Wait for it....
What the !@!@!@😲😬🙈 THERE are random hairs now. And now that I super magnify it I still see the crackle.
I gently file off the hairs with a tiny metal file once the horse is dry.
It’s a little darker now but smooth with no hair.
I needed a pinpoint of paint. That worked 
Now sealed with Dullcote over the Anita’s just because what else could possibly go wrong.
Fortunately nothing!
How hard can it be to paint a medallion? 
Thank you so much for sharing this part of the process, Stephanie. Those medallions were definitely worth fighting for. I'm glad you didn't start over!

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