Monday, February 5, 2018

The ugly stage

A topic that comes up often on the NaMoPaiMo Facebook page is the "Ugly Phase." Kristen Cermele explains it like this: I noticed during last year's NaMoPaiMo that people get really disheartened when their horse looks "ugly." A lot of artists, myself included, refer to this as the Ugly Phase. 
Trust me, it can be REALLY hard to push past this phase if you haven't done so a bunch of times. 
It's also hard to trust that the random neon yellow you laid down is actually going to end up being a bright chestnut. 
A lot of artists don't post pictures of this phase. No one wants to scare their commission customers with pictures of their horse looking like a hot mess. It's safer to show progress photos when there is light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, this prevents new artists from knowing that this middle ground of weird is totally fine.
I whipped up some before and after photos, just to remind everyone that if your horse looks super weird, it's probably okay! Post photos and ask what you might be able to do before you strip it or throw in the towel 
Michele Katz Grieder concurs. She writes: This before and after picture shows why you should not be discouraged when your horse is in the ugly stage. These dapples were done with a micro brush.
Thank you so much, Kristen and Michele, for sharing your "ugly" pictures. I know these will help a lot of beginning artists keep the faith even when their model is looking less than stellar.

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