Monday, February 8, 2021

NaMoPaiMo day eight

The first year I held NaMoPaiMo, I blogged about my personal finishwork journey a lot. Pretty much every time I put a dot of paint on my horse, it was recorded here. That seemed important at the time, but... sorry.

This year, I've barely mentioned my model, but rest assured, I have been painting. In fact, I've made steady progress on four different horses.

Trifle has undergone a color correction. She's a lot less orange, which is good. Unfortunately, I'm less thrilled with the state of her dapples. She needs at least one more nose to toes layer of oils, probably more. I kind of expect to be painting this pony for another five years.
Auron is on his third coat of oils. The first was a muddy, over-blended mess. I mostly fixed that, so now I'm trying to dial in the color and cover up all the pastel grain.
My official NaMoPaiMo horse has two coats of oils. I went rogue and starting experimenting on her mane and tail. I love the results, but I don't think they're ever going to dry. I'll probably end up wiping them off, but that's okay. If I was able to do it once, I'm confident I can do again and better.
Alexa's Offerman also has two coats of oils. I thought he was looking pretty good until I saw this close up. It's possible that I'm too old and blind to paint micros.
That's pretty much the state of my NaMoPaiMo so far. Progress is slow, but real. I'll do another accountability check in a week, but otherwise, don't expect a lot of progress reports. There are more interesting things to blog about. Also, there are a lot more interesting blogs.
Every year during NaMoPaiMo, Andrea Brygidyr dusts off the Foal Watch blog and starts posting. This year's topics have included painting related health issues, a comparison of colored pencils and watercolor pencils, virtual painting party recaps, a beginner's guide to customizing and an in-depth study about painting with vodka. 
I've worn a lot of hats during my time in the hobby, but none is as comfortable or as important to me as that of blogger. I love model horse blogs, and I especially love blog posts about NaMoPaiMo. This is why Andrea Brygidyr is today's NaMoPaiMo Champion of the Day.
But wait, there's more.
Erica, Andrea and I at the Jennifer Show post ride dinner in 2019
I simply cannot honor Andrea without also honoring her best friend, Erica Ferguson. After all, they are basically the same person.
Thank you, Andrea and Erica, for the words, the paint and the friendship. You are the NaMoPaiMo Champions of the Day.

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