Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Painting a bay with Stephanie Blaylock, part three

The last installment in Stephanie Blaylock's Painting a Bay tutorial covers the details. Thank you so much, Stephanie. I know a lot of people are going to be referring to these posts in the next several weeks!

Painting a Bay

by Stephanie Blaylock

My favorite detail brushes come from Jerry’s Artarama.

These are perfect for adding tiny details.
We have an eye! And a little bit of face detail.
I went ahead and glossed this eye and nostril to see how it looks.
I like it!
Now it's time to tackle those hooves.
This is my hoof palette. The middle color is a brick mystery chalk.
I start with a layer of Yellow Ochre.
I add some Payne’s Gray.
Then I brush on some of the mystery Brick color.
I paint on Liquitex Gloss, which blends the colors together. 
Next... shoes!
Tiny shoes.
Back to the nostrils... any red works. 
This was some very old craft paint, but I had it on hand so it worked.
I mixed some Liquitex with black and white for the mane braids since he’s a show horse.
Onto the tail. This is just a base coat before adding details. Here’s the palette... plus black.
I've blocked in the colors.
Other side.
I also did some more layering on white markings.
This is a good stopping point. I'll let it cure overnight, and then I’ll do hair detailing.
I sprayed the tail with gloss so I can detail hairs and the brush will slid easily.
Here's the detailed tail. It's sealed with matte spray.
The last details include the inside of ears, nostril rims and lips.
I put a straw over the acrylic rod so the spray won’t cover it, and I spray the whole horse one final time.
Here he is after the final Dullcote sealer.
I glossed the eyes and hooves with Liquitex High Gloss, and now he is all done. Well, except for the base... but that's a project for another day!
Here's a picture of Stephanie with her 2021 NaMoPaiMo horse. 
I can't wait to see what you do with him, Stephanie. I already know he's going to be fabulous!

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