Monday, February 22, 2021

Today we ride

Between winter weather, shoulder pain, family obligations and NaMoPaiMo, I hadn't been to the barn in nearly two weeks. Today the weather was warmer, my shoulder was better, no one in my family needed me and all four of my painting projects were hanging out on the drying shelf. There was nothing standing between me and Lucy, so I made plans with my barn buddies.

Unfortunately, I arrived at the barn five minutes too late.
Oh, Lucy!
She was not just muddy, but wet and muddy. I did my best, but...
I swear she put that spot on her cheek just to spite me.
We headed out.
I didn't bring my camera because Lucy can be a handful, especially when she isn't in regular work. Of course, that meant we were treated to an extra good coyote sighting.
And despite my trepidations, Lucy was her best self both going out and coming home. Maybe she missed me at least a little.
This was a really nice change of pace. I feel refreshed and happy and ready to dive back into NaMoPaiMo.

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