Tuesday, February 23, 2021

NaMoPaiMo day twenty three

I chose to hold NaMoPaiMo in February because it's a cold, grey, depressing month without a lot of hobby happenings. It never occurred to me that some people would object to the timing based on solely weather. After all, I know artists from all over the country who paint all year long. We're nearing the end of NaMoPaiMo number five, and I stand by my decision, but let me tell you, every single year the number one NaMoPaiMo complaint is that it's too cold to prep/prime/paint/seal.

While there are some weather circumstances that may make any of these activities difficult, if there's a will, there's usually a way. Just ask Karen Lloyd.
She has spent this entire month customizing her Django.
Yesterday he was finally ready for primer, and the weather was terrible. Karen writes: We had a lot of wind, plus the sky was spitting snow flakes. My husband was awesome and shoveled more than a foot of snow off the deck, only to discover a layer of ice underneath. I made a spray booth with a cardboard box and an umbrella. It was quite the crazy set up. I had to weigh down the box with rocks and statues, and the umbrella had to be taken down after each spray because of the wind gusts. Also, I had to try not to fall every time I went out there because of the ice.  
But it was all worth it because “MMS Shangri-la 222” is in primer!
Today I’m going to fix a few minor issues and then the plan is to hand paint  a copper basecoat in acrylics. Normally my horses are done just in pastels for the body color, but I think this method will be better for a rich black - while also hopefully being faster than a gazillion pastel layers. If all goes well tonight, he will start getting pastels tomorrow.
This truly is the "get it done" spirit of NaMoPaiMo. Congratulations, Karen. You are the NaMoPaiMo Champion of the Day.

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  1. Love your booth Karen!! As one who has to spray in the shed, I completely understand and admire.