Saturday, February 20, 2021

NaMoPaiMo day twenty

Today is the twentieth day of NaMoPaiMo.
photo by Nae Grinlaubs
A lot of people - myself included - are beginning to look at the calendar and get worried. Kenzie Williamson writes: Layer seven, I think?! IM Really starting to feel that deadline creeping up... Hoping to do one more layer of oils tomorrow, then it’s time for finishing acrylic details this week!
Darynn Benardczak is in "that detail forever and ever and ever phase." Still, she's confident she will finish him this month, even if it kills her.
Christine Jordan is also coming together nicely. She says: The white markings are done! The white in the mane and tail is done. Just details left!!! Next post will be finished pony!
Of course, not everyone is in the homestretch. There still plenty of horses who are just now being started.
photo by Barb DiAnnibella
Karen Lloyd is still sculpting. She writes:  
Now that I’ve cleaned it up, I am in amazement. As an artist do you ever think, how on earth did I do that?! I’ve only sculpted a handful of tails before and this is definitely my favorite. I was *really* nervous to take this plunge and am so glad I gave it a shot! I still need to finish his tail, hopefully tonight! With just a week left, I’m anxious to start painting!
Sometimes the re-sculpting isn't intentional. Two days ago, Corrie McDermott Soboda accidentally bumped the table on which her horse was drying. He fell over and lost an ear, a leg, part of his mane and also sustained paint damage. She posted a photo on the NaMoPaiMo Facebook page and said that she was "putting all my supplies away and taking some time off."
Forty eight hours later, she was back in the saddle.
I am not a quitter by nature. Corrie writes. I may get discouraged and put something away, but I always go back, even if it takes me a few years. I've missed working on this horse, so today I sculpted him a new ear and resculpted the piece of mane that broke off. I started sanding down the areas that got gouged and have marks. 
I think I can go in with a few thin layers of acrylic and touch up the spots and continue on with pan pastels. If I can salvage his paint job, I'll pin and glue his leg toward the end.I don't know that I'll be done in eight days, but at least, I'll get back to working on this guy. As they say in Galaxy Quest, "Never give up. Never surrender."
That's a good motto for NaMoPaiMo... and life.
I don't know if you can finish that horse in eight days, Corrie, but even if you don't, you're still a winner. Congratulations, you are the NaMoPaiMo Champion of the Day.

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