Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Painting a bay with Stephanie Blaylock, part one

It's Tutorial Tuesday, and we're starting off with a in-depth look at painting a bay with pastels and acrylics. Thank you, Stephanie Blaylock, for letting us look over your shoulder while you paint!

Painting a Bay

by Stephanie Blaylock

I’m paint a resin by my friend Morgen Kilbourn Rossomando. He's going to be a bay, maybe pinto. This is Pan Pastel layer number one.

I seal him with gloss, and now he's a yellow Peep!
Here's layer number two.
and after I seal him with matte.
A little bit of graininess can be seen. This is normal.
Layer number three is the same colors repeated.
I add in Burnt Siena Shade for layer number four.
He's beginning to look bay-ish.
I add some black. to his points, but won't blow the dust of until I go outside.
Here is he sealed with gloss.
Four layers in is a good stopping point. I let him cure overnight.
The next morning, I'm right back at it with another layer.
Here are some of the colors I'm using.
The Titanium White goes in the low area and bends - elbows, jowls.
I seal him with matte.
The next layer adds more shading with Payne’s Gray around the muzzle, eyes and ears.
Then I shade the black areas again.
I seal him with matte.
Now it's time to add some warm tones.
I seal him with Testors Dullcote.
Now he's ready for some acrylic paint! 
Stay tuned! Part two will cover the acrylic layers.


  1. What makes you choose gloss versus matte for some coats?

  2. Love this as John is doing away with chrome on this same model!

  3. Love this as John is doing away with chrome on this same model!