Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Don't forget the chestnuts!

Tutorial Tuesday is a long-standing NaMoPaiMo tradition. As much as possible, I will try to publish finishwork tutorials on my blog every Tuesday during the NaMoPaiMo period. Today's tutorial is a leftover from last year, but the information is every bit as useful now as it was in 2020. Thank you, Kristen Cermele, for sharing this quick tip!

Don't Forget the Chestnuts

by Kristen Cermele

Did you paint your chestnuts? Better question- did you make sure your horse has chestnuts? I didn't with Georg, and fun fact, he doesn't Now as I joked to some friends already, I actually do know a draft cross that is missing a set of chestnuts and has dime sized back chestnuts, but for model horse showing purposes I'm not about to document that to plead my case.
Luckily it's almost never too late to add chestnuts (or drill an air hole which I also always forget and today is no different) and my go to is Liquitex modeling paste. A note is that this stuff dries out very quickly,  so don't leave the top off like I have here for any length of time. I almost always end up trashing the jar before I finish it because it dries out, but luckily it isn't expensive. 
I used the end of a junky brush, dabbed on some paste, and I'll let it dry. Then I'll lightly sand the points down until they are, you know, blob shaped. 
The end.
Thank you again, Kristen. I loved your 2020 horse and can't wait to see what you'll be painting this year!