Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Post weekend show report

Last Saturday, my friend, Tiffany Purdy brought her two newest customs to the GLC No Frills December show in Huntley, Illinois.  This is Noel,  a customized Croi Damhsa
This Christmas pony has her own holiday playmate.  She stands a little taller on her hind legs and has a new right ear.  I love her soft, beautiful face...
and the judge agreed.  She won a tough British Ponies class and went on to be named the Overall Reserve Champion of the Custom Division.  Congratulations to Tiffany, and also to Margaret Balch, who is Noel's lucky new owner!
Tiffany's other new horse isn't a horse at all, she's a mule.  Cerin is a customized Breyer Giselle/Stage Mom.  Here she is in a BCS harness...
and also a BCS pack harness.
Tiffany made the doll and the diorama.  Although he looks a lot like Gandalf, he was inspired by Grizzly Adams, which was one of Tiffany's favorite childhood shows.
Cerin was named Other Performance Champion. She skipped the English division but came back strong in Western.
She is wearing tack by Erin Corbett, and her doll was dressed by Joan Yount, with added decoration by Tiffany.
She was Western Perfomance Champion and Overall Performance Champion. 
Congratulations, Tiffany, and thank you for allowing me to share your photos!


  1. very nice - love the corgi too lol

  2. Now THAT'S the color I wish the Croi Damhsa mold would come out in!

  3. ...I need to get myself a performance mule...

  4. Nice to see customs on this sweet little mare!

  5. Jennifer, did Tiffany Purdy customize the pony? Each exhibit is stunning, but the lighter gray softens and accentuates the features of the model. Her face is sweet. The muleteer is interesting too. Especially his face. A red robe and he could be a frontier St. Nick. Thank you for sharing these pictures.