Thursday, May 31, 2012

Springamathng performance wrap-up

Wait, wait.  There's more.

After I'd selected the Western Performance Champion and Reserve, all the performance champions were instructed to return to the judging table for the Overall Championship presentation.
Because this show offered such nice (and valuable) prizes, the judging staff had been specifically reminded not to award any prize models until all the champions had been returned to the table.
I regret that I was unable to enforce that rule!  Oh well.  Things are pretty casual over in Performance-ville.   
And besides...  It really didn't matter anyway.  With the Other Performance and Western Performance titles already under his belt, Sheila's Chevelle was the obvious winner of the glossy trophy model. 
Teresa's iApp picked up the matte model on the strength of her English Performance Championship.   Congratulations to both winners!
One of the great pleasures of judging performance is getting the chance to ogle everyone's tack up close and in person.  I'm familiar with most of the tack in our area, but there were a few new-to-me pieces to admire at Springamathing.  One of those was this lovely huntseat saddle made by Jana Skybova and owned by Sheila Bishop.
This amazing bridle also belongs to Sheila and was made by Jacquee Gillespie
Although I'm not certain, I think this bridle was made by Rebecca Griffyndoon Ropes Australia.  It's paired with a Terry Newberry saddle.  No guesses as to the lucky owner.  This horse appeared only competed in one class and I didn't see who put her on the table. 
As I've mentioned before, the atmosphere at a typical Colorado live show is pretty laid back.    The competition may be fierce but the competitors rarely are.  There's a lot of teasing back and forth, and no one was surprised when this sign mysteriously appeared at the end of the Custom Halter table.
I mentioned aloud that the performance judge might also be open to bribery, and wouldn't you know there was a dollar bill included in one of the performance entries in the very next class?
Silly Sheila!  Your miniature money won't buy you ribbons...  Now finishwork?  That's a whole 'nother story!
Ok, now I am really, officially done with the 2012 Springamathing performance classes.  I'll share  photos from the other divisions eventually, but tomorrow is going to be something entirely different.


  1. It looks to me like the bridle on Chevelle was made by Jacquee Gillespie, a professional horsehair braider. The saddle on the bay is a Terry Newberry, and I'm pretty sure the bay's bridle is a Rebecca Dunne of Griffyndoon Ropes Australia.
    Viva le tack!

  2. Hurray, those were my guesses as well! In fact, I'm sure that you're right about about the Gillespie bridle. I considered putting the info in the post, but I had no idea how to spell her name. All I could remember was her old username from the Watering Hole message board!


  3. Lovely tack! Anyone know who made the saddle on Sheila's Chevelle?

  4. The saddle Chevelle is wearing in this post was made by Kirsteen Haley. In the Other Performance post he is wearing a Wade type saddle by Terry Newberry. Both saddles are beautiful.

  5. I have GOT to get me one of those Brios! AHHHHHHHHHH!

  6. Gah, I wish I would've went! I want to get into performance showing, so the small classes like these would've been perfect. Love learning from your posts though. :)

  7. I LOVE this series explaining your performance placings, Jennifer! I haven't shown or judged performance since the early 90's, when everything was so much less sophisticated (and my own knowledge of the finer points of performance was sufficient...but it would not be today). Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and insights!

  8. The bay is indeed wearing a Grifyndoon bridle. Rebecca was kind enough to make one for me before she really started doing bridles. The saddle is a Terry Newberry from around 1999? I saw all the other competition and bowed out of all the other classes. :) I'm not too confident with my performance skills these days, so rarely enter performance classes.

  9. Next time you should show, Nancy. I really like that mold in performance and your tack is lovely! As always, it depends on whatever else is on the table, but your basics are all there. Hope you make it out to Jane's show in September. I am judging performance there as well, and I would love to see this model again.