Monday, May 7, 2012

Fabulous Flick

When I was ten and a half years old, I started taking riding lessons at Eaton Canyon Riding Club in Pasadena, California.  One of my favorite school horses was a gray mare named Chalk Dust.  
Chalk Dust was more than thirty years old, but you wouldn't have known it by looking at her. 
She was sound.  She was strong.  She was vital. 
She was also the first horse I rode on the trail, the first horse I galloped, the first horse I jumped. 
Granted, by the time I met her, she had more "whoa" than "go."  Still, she set the standard by which I still measure useful equine longevity. 
Teresa Buzzell's Arabian/Paint cross gelding Flicker of Lightning is one horse who is living up to the Chalk Dust Standard.
At just two weeks shy of his twenty ninth birthday, Flick is healthy, strong, vital and a dressage machine. 
 These pictures show Flick were taken last Saturday during a schooling show at Flying Star Stables in Brighton, Colorado.
Teresa and Flick received a 62% for their First Level, Test Two effort. 
 They came back twenty minutes later and marked a 64% at First Level, Test Three.
Both these scores were good enough to win their respective classes, easily surpassing horses one third of Flick's age.
Sometimes older really is better!
I expect Teresa and Flick will be trotting down the centerline for years to come!


  1. Huzzah! Hooray! Woohoo! Clap clap clapppclap!

  2. Christie ParteeMay 7, 2012 at 6:16 PM

    You never know with older horses. I worked with a ton of them with the Girl Scouts! They can look like a million bucks and be dead in the stall the next morning, or they can look like hammered s*it and live until they are 36. Mares usually live longer than geldings (just like with people). My own gelding died just 6 months shy of his 30th birthday, and if it hadn't been for record Texas heat and a heart murmur he'd developed the last few years of his life, he probably would have lived a few more years. Thank goodness Sue Stewart shared info with me about her pet cemetery so when Sonny did go, I was prepared to deal with it.

    As I've told Teresa, hope for the best, enjoy Flick while you can, but prepare for the end. It's not that far away.

  3. He is such a beautiful horse!
    I know a pony that's 38! She's the most gentle creature on the planet.


  4. Man, I met Flick and Teresa when I was a KID! He's only about a year younger than I am, and he still looks exactly the same. I wish I could say I aged as gracefully!

  5. That's just COOL! Flick looks fabulous - hope they have many more years of safe, sound and happy riding ahead of them :)

  6. I keep seeing errors in my riding...I'm staring at these for FAR FAR too long.


    I just remember the PITA he used to be and what I did to him and now how that's all moot as we fixed it :D

  7. (that was me btw)

  8. I know a pony named Valentine who we think is 25 or a little older. She can still work hard for 45 minutes & is used for lessons about everyday. She has an amazing canter!