Monday, May 28, 2012

Springamathing English Performance

The English Performance division at Springamathing picked up where the Other Performance division left off--with a one horse Cross Country class.
I looked at the handful of performance showers in the room and begged someone, anyone to put another horse on the table.  This is the result of that request.  
Not surprisingly, the Jumper class was virtually identical to the Cross Country class. 
In both cases, Teresa's iApp was the clear winner.
Beggars can't be choosers so I'm not going to pick on Sheila's ISH.  She earned her two NAN cards simply by showing up and that's fine with me.  As an aside, I love that this model's name is Stop N Stare because that's what she did in these two classes.  She stood there and stared at the jumps!
Sadly, she didn't get a chance to stare at a hunter jump, so iApp won that class uncontested.
Pleasure was next, and hallelujah!  There were four entries on the table. 
The top two entries were very close, but in the end I gave the blue ribbon to Karen Gerhardt's Roundabout resin, Dorney Park. 
This model was shown as a British heavyweight cob.  His tack was perfectly appropriate for that event, which is not surprising since it was made by British tackmaker, Lauren Islip.
His doll was dressed by Joan Yount, and I have to say, this doll was the main factor in his victory.   
I'm not sure if it's apparent from the photos, but no other entry captured the relationship between horse and rider as well as this one.  You really got a sense that they were working together as a team.
Second place went to iApp.  This is a nice stock type hunter horse with beautiful, well fitting tack and a nice doll.  I'd like to see the bight of the reins hanging down rather than standing up, and if I was being very picky I'd point out that most stock horse showers prefer to use a number pocket pad.  Even without those changes, however, this entry is fine.
Sheila's Cerridwen resin, Rhiannon was third.  This is a cute pony, with a casual schooling show type turnout.  She has the same rein issue as iApp but her doll isn't sitting as well.  Additionally, it's hard for standing horses to compete in a class where one of the main judging criteria is gait quality.  
Poor Stop N Stare!  She's such a pretty model, but once again she finished at the bottom of her class.  The ISH is a hard model to show in performance.  Its raised and turned head detracts from the appearance of focus and obedience.
Onto English Trail!  iApp was the winner here with a basic but nice pole entry. 
Dorney Park was right behind with this natural trail set-up... 
that included a wonderful diorama by Kim Haymond. 
Rhiannon was a close third.  Actually, there wasn't a lot separating the entries in this class.  Both the arena trail horses would have benefited from small changes to both the horse and rider positions.  The natural trail entry was very nice, although I don't know a lot of people who go out riding in their show clothes.  On another day, I might have placed these three differently. 
Other English was next.  Karen's Dorney Park won this one rather handily with a foxhunting entry.
iApp was second with a basic pole bending set-up.
 Third place went to Rhiannon. 
I love, love, love this set-up but it really doesn't work as a "performance" entry.  Next time this one needs to go in the scene class!
Dressage was another one horse class.
Between them, iApp and Dorney Park had claimed all the blue and half the red ribbons awarded in the English Performance division.   iApp got the nod in the championship showdown based upon her greater versatility.
Still, Dorney Park--and his wonderful gentleman rider--were a most worthy choice for reserve honors. 
Phew!  Long post.  I promise I'll break the Western division report into smaller chunks.


  1. Very nice!
    Some good entries there.


  2. So you missed my one horse saddle seat entry?

  3. I'm sorry, Regan! I remembered to give her a NAN card but I didn't take her picture.

  4. Cool to see a roundie in the show ring! How's yours coming along?

  5. My solution for the show clothes issues with the Roundabout trail entry: Have a card that says, "A cast member from Downton Abbey goes out for a little trail ride between scenes." :D

  6. awesome entries!! I really like the Roundabout's pleasure one, looks like his rider is really making him work on the bit! He could be a good contestant for a jumping class, coming away from the jump or heading towards it with the rider slightly standing trying to slow him down just a touch..

  7. I loved this post! Great to see how folks are showing!

  8. If my reins were longer, the bight would NOT be flopping around up in the sky! (grrr)

  9. I always try to find out if a tack customer is using a doll on their entries because it does have an effect on rein length. However, yours are long enough. They just need a little training. We need to have a hobby day. We can "fix" your reins with a little gum tragacanth and make doll stands!


  10. Who made the Roundabout's saddle?

  11. Roundabout's saddle and bridle were made by Lauren Islip.