Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Little bits

My life has been very eventful lately, and my studio time, when I can find it, has been limited to one or two hour blocks.  This isn't ideal.  I get more done in one six hour stretch than four or five two hour sessions.  I find it very difficult to embark on an ambitious project when I know I don't have a full day of studio time.

So instead of starting on Emily's cavalry set or Danielle's harness, I've spent the last week making little things like a bridle...
and lunging caveson for Tiffany's pony...
and a cinch for Carra. 
 Today, I made a start on Kim's dressage set.  This one is little in size if not scope.
It's all taking a lot longer than it should, but any progress is good progress.  Hopefully life will settle down just a bit so I can tackle those big projects sooner rather than later.


  1. Wow!
    I wish I could make tack like that!


  2. Looking good. I'm interested to see the cavalry set when it's all done! :)

  3. Woo! Need that girth...

  4. What model is Tiffany's pony and the other model called "Touch of Pink?"

  5. Pinky was made from an Breyer Eberl Haflinger body with a Breyer Classic Arabian Stallion head. Tiffany made her and showed her that first year, but now she belongs to me!

    1. Would I be able to buy her? Sorry I really love her mold! I was wondering if Tiffany or you would be able to make her so I could buy her? I really really love her! If not, are there any Peter Stone, Breyer, or Resin horses that are similar to her?

    2. Sorry, but I never sell my Purdys. I'm pretty much a black hole collector anyway, but that's especially true when in comes to the Purdy herd.

      In case you haven't seen these already, here are some more pictures of my little Pinky.

    3. Ok! What are Purdys?

      I'm currently looking for a pony (Breyer, Resin, or Peter Stone) that does or doesn't have a braided mane and/or fail and was wondering if you've seen any or if you could recommend any?


  6. Purdy horses are models created by my bestie, Tiffany Purdy. She is one of the model horse hobby's best and most creative, customizers. I can't recommend her work highly enough!

    You might want to look for a customized Breyer Flash or Stone Pony with a braided mane. On the resin front, Sheila Bishop's Cerridwen and Comet resins are excellent. Good luck and happy pony shopping!