Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Seth and I celebrated our fifteenth wedding anniversary today.
Seth is a good guy, but he's not very horsey.  When I met him, he'd never sat on a horse, and to date, he's yet to attend a model horse show.  It would seem unlikely that I have anniversary story that's also a model horse story, but I do.

Five years ago, we celebrated our tenth anniversary with a weekend stay at the Tudor Rose Bed and Breakfast in Salida, Colorado.  Salida is a charming little mountain town on the banks of the Arkansas River.  It's also the home of my friend, Sandy Lyles.  Since this was an anniversary trip, I hadn't made plans to see her.  However, as Seth and I were walking around downtown, I couldn't help but spot the Fabulous Finds antique mall owned by Sandy and her sister. 
Happily, Sandy was there to greet us.  After a brief and enthusiastic hello, she said, "I have something for you!"  She ran out to her car and came back with an unpainted Kittydidit resin.

Sandy and I have done a lot of trading over the years, so this wasn't completely unprecedented except for one thing--I hadn't told her I was coming!  How did she just happen to have an unpainted resin in the backseat of her car that day?  To this day, that still amazes me.  

And poor Seth.  He never saw it coming either.  Somehow his romantic getaway had turned into a model horse procuring trip! 
Eventually the Kittydidit was sent to Beatha Sellman who gave her this lovely dapple grey paintjob during Hurricane Ike. 
In honor of that, I tried out several hurricane themed names.  None of them stuck, however. 
For better or worse, I will always think of this model as "the Anniversary Horse" or simply Anniversary.


  1. How about Hurricane Ann for Anniversary? And Happy Anniversary!

  2. Oh, my... I don't recall seeing that girl in your show string. *LOVE* her!!! If she ever needs to find a new home please let me know, but I expect you will keep her if only because of how/where you got her. :-)

  3. She is lovely!
    And Happy Anniversary!


  4. Congratulations on 15 years! That is wonderful! I hope you have many more!
    The TB is lovely!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Anniversary is a pretty horse, but you're right, RW--she's not a regular part of my showstring. The Resin Thoroughbred class is SO tough in Colorado. She's never going to beat my Valor or anyone else's Valor/Victrix/Venator for that matter. I'm competitive enough that I don't like to bring things that won't/can't place, so she stays home and looks pretty on my shelf.

    I keep meaning to make her a racing tack set. Maybe someday!

  6. Happy Anniversary to the both of you!

    And you should make her tack, after all, you have the kick butt racing diorama!!

  7. Happy Anniversary Jennifer! You are in good dad and stepmom are celebrating their 20th today!

  8. i love your blog and i was just wondering if you could post a full saddle making tutorial step by step. I'm beginning tack maker and my saddles are good but yours are great! thanx

  9. Hi Anon! Sorry to disappoint you but I have no plans to write a saddle tutorial. Tutorials are very time consuming from a writing/photography standpoint. If I was inclined to do all that work (and I'm not) I'd probably want to get paid for it!