Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Elkhorn Lodge

Although this year's celebration didn't include a new resin, it was perhaps my horsiest anniversary yet.  Seth and I spent the weekend in Estes Park, Colorado.  Our home away from home was Murphy's River Lodge, a charming rustic hotel located right across the road from the Elkhorn Lodge.  
The Elkhorn Lodge, which began operations in 1883, is on the National Historic Register and is the oldest continually operating lodge in Colorado.  Most importantly--it has horses!
Although Seth had arranged for us to go on a dinner ride, I couldn't resist making an exploratory visit to the Elkhorn Lodge earlier in the day.  We wandered past the guest cabins,
the main Lodge,
and the world's coolest teeter totter...
on our way to the barn. 
No one seemed to mind that we were there.  In fact, everyone we asked encouraged us to walk around and take in the sights. 
We watched riders come and go...
before walking a bit further to check out the horses in the pasture. 
And just beyond the pasture... 
Another pasture held two young foals and their mamas.  
This one was just three days old.
I could have happily stayed and watched the horses all day, but Seth was interested in checking out the buildings, too. 
 This is the main room of the lodge.
 One of the side rooms held this rather unusual exhibit.
I've seen a lot of bones in my day, but I haven't often seen them displayed with a photo of the critter they used to be. 
Poor Black Beauty!  Even his hooves had been preserved. 
I always miss my dogs when I'm away from home, so I was pleased to have a canine escort during our visit.  That blue eyed Aussie was so sweet--I really wanted to take her home with me!
All in all, this was a most enjoyable visit to the Elkhorn Lodge.  However, the best was yet to come!


  1. That looks like the best place to stay!
    The teeter totter is so clever!
    And Aussie is adorable!
    Glad you had a good time.


  2. So many memories of Estes Park!!!! I loved the Elkhorn Lodge. Thanks for the pics and walk on memory lane!

  3. Glad you had fun :)

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