Saturday, May 19, 2012

Two champions, revisited

Two weeks ago I'll Have Another shared this space with Teresa's Flick.  Today, his co-champion is also his lead pony, Lava Man.
Kim Hairston/Baltimore Sun photo
Will he get another?  I certainly hope so!


  1. He did! He did get another one! And now for one more - the Belmont Stakes. Doesn't Lava Man look grand here, ponying I'll have another? What a great pair. I'm following them both on twitter, too. @Ill_HaveAnother and @IamLavaMan Fun!

  2. I love that they were able to give Lava Man a new career! So many race horses end up in slaughter houses once they are no longer good at running. Even former Kentucky Derby winners are not spared. It's horrible.

  3. That's great and I love the pic!
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