Saturday, May 26, 2012

Squees for Squee!

This was unexpected.
Thanks to Heather and the Peter Stone Company for putting on a great show.  The full report will start tomorrow!


  1. Woohoo, indeed!

    Squee! is a seriously nice horse so I expect her to do well, but foals generally don't win Overall titles. Plus, this wasn't a typical Colorado resin show. A lot of our usual resin showers didn't come so classes were really small. However, Brenda Metcalf's amazing showstring more than made up for that. Honestly, as I watched her unpack one amazing piece after another, I was pretty convinced that I would be going home mostly empty handed!

    It's nice to be wrong sometimes!


  2. Congratulations! She's such a cutie pie!

  3. I am familiar with the quality of Brenda's showstring, having competed in the same region for several years (hi Brenda!). :) What an honor! I'm pleased as punch that she is doing so well for you.