Friday, May 11, 2012

Marissa's pictures

We have a new entry in the Saddle Critter Barn--this is Squeak, a degu owned by Marissa Helling.
Not familiar with degus?  I have to admit, I wasn't either.  Still, Squeak looks pretty adorable  under saddle! 
 Marissa also sent along a couple of show pictures featuring her barrel racing draft horse.  I didn't make the tack or props for this, but this entry was inspired by one of my older blog posts and the documentation features lots of my photos.  This photo was taken at Model Horse Anonymous Live IV in Athens, Tennessee.
Two shows, two NAN cards!  This is from the Hollow Horse Live OF Only Show which was held in Cumming, Georgia.  
Congratulations, Marissa and thanks for sharing!  Please give Squeak an extra treat for me.


  1. I love little Squeak! Congrats to her "Mom" on her Nans too!

  2. Hello Jennifer! I LOVE little furry things so I really enjoy these pictures on your blog!!! I wish I could saddle up my Guinea pig boy and take some pictures for you. He thinks he is a wild stallion anyway! He runs around his cage, jumps and tosses his head all the time! :) But he is a silly teenager now so I'm sure the saddle would not survive it! Maybe one day when he is a bit older and calmer! He is all black and I'm sure he would look great in a dressage saddle! :)
    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful pics you share with us!

    Marissa your degu is adorable!!!
    Jana :)

  3. I would really like to see a guinea pig tacked up. It seems like they would be just the right scale for a traditional sized saddle!

    And for the record, I love "saddle critter" photos, too. One of these days I'm going to get my act together and make a dedicated saddle critter page. I think it would be fun to have them all in one place.


  4. That's it, I have GOT to lay my hands on some kind of suitable tack for Mr. Barney. I can't remember if I kept a Barbie saddle or not, but I will dredge up SOMETHING in the near future and tack 'im up. Be prepared!

    (And no, I doubt there will be a piggie rodeo, unless I add a bucking strap. He's generally very placid, but I know something around him in front of his hind legs would have the exact same effect as it does on horses!)

  5. Squeak is so cute!
    I had never actually heard of a Degu before, but now I have!


  6. I've never seen a Degu before but I think they rank right up there with Chinchillas in cuteness! My latest tack order will be completed tomorrow so you can look forward to more iguanas under saddle to show the finished all-purpose set off! I love that others are sharing their babies and sons, too!

    ~Cory Sanford @ DragonsBlood Designs

  7. EEP! This was so exciting:) Thanks for writing this Jen!

    And African Degus are a rodent that is somewhat of a mix between a chinchilla and a gerbil lol. They're really sweet and social(even with my cats!) and they live to be almost 5 years old! They're also about the cleanest rodents I've ever owned! hahaha

  8. OMG like seriously, that little saddle is SO CUTE it drives me crazy. I love seeing little animals with people clothes on them too. As far as the model horses go, they are very well done and she definitely deserved that blue ribbon. TOODLES.


  9. OMG, the wikipedia page says that they can figure out how to use rakes to get seeds they otherwise couldn't reach? Or can stack things in order of decreasing size? I want a smart, cute rodent! Especially one who could be as OCD as its owner. Besides, after viewing all the saddle rats, iguanas, and other small rodents, I have come to believe that every model horse person needs a small saddle animal. :)